Harm’s Way is a band that has evolved over nearly two decades, shaping heavy music’s trajectory and inspiring others to reinvent themselves. They have constantly absorbed and applied new influences, resulting in well-executed songs in the hardcore punk and metal genres.

Common Suffering, their latest album, is the most musically diverse project in their catalog. It features memorable riffs, breakdowns, and impeccable songwriting with subtle melodies. The album opens with the track “Silent Wolf,” which delves into themes of distrust in governing bodies and systems of power in the current cultural climate.

Despite their reputation for unrelenting brutality, Common Suffering surprises listeners with quieter moments and well-thought-out songwriting that emphasizes light and shade. The band aimed to avoid settling on predictable parts, and their collaboration with producer Will Yip at Studio 4 in Pennsylvania allowed them to experiment and improve their recording process.

The album’s title, Common Suffering, reflects the collective experiences of chaos, misanthropy, paranoia, disorder, confusion, and anxiety over the past three years. The band explores various themes, including mental health struggles, relationships, political upheaval, corruption, and abuse of political power.

Common Suffering is set to be released on September 29 through Metal Blade Records on various platforms, including digital streaming, vinyl, and CD formats.

Overall, the album promises to showcase Harm’s Way at the peak of their creativity, traversing new ideas and pushing boundaries in the hardcore punk and metal genres.

Common Suffering Track Listing: 

01. Silent Wolf               
02. Denial             
03. Hollow Cry                 
04. Devour                       
05. Undertow                   
06. Heaven’s Call                       
07. Cyanide                     
08. Terrorizer                   
09. Sadist Guilt     
10. Wanderer  

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