Disclosure, the influential indie-electronic duo, has made a surprising announcement regarding their upcoming album, “Alchemy.” Scheduled for a surprise release on July 14, the album marks the 10-year anniversary of their debut album, “Settle.” Notably, “Alchemy” deviates from their previous works as it features no guest features or samples. The duo, comprised of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, is releasing the album independently and does not plan to tour it immediately. Instead, the focus is on showcasing their own creative freedom and expression.

“Alchemy” explores new territories in dance music, pushing the boundaries of what a Disclosure track can encompass. Guy’s production incorporates diverse elements, ranging from jungle breaks and trance-like supersaw synth riffs to rapid tempo four-to-the-floor club tracks. Meanwhile, Howard’s melodic songcraft shines brightly, with his vocals and lyrics taking center stage more than ever before. The album is described as a celebration of the brothers feeling liberated at this moment in their career, having departed from a major record label and having the freedom to be highly creative.

Album artwork credit: Llinos Owen and George Muncey

However, “Alchemy” is more than just a return to their electronic roots. The album delves into the deeply personal journey the duo experienced during its creation. Guy was settling into a new home in Los Angeles after getting married, while Howard was grappling with heartbreak and exhaustion from an extensive tour. The album’s title, “Alchemy,” reflects the combination of deep emotions, including heartbreak, sadness, admiration, and appreciation. The intention was to transform these intense feelings into something beautiful, turning pain into art.

Musically, “Alchemy” strikes a warm, uplifting, and energetic tone. Tracks like “Sun Showers” and “Simply Won’t Do” radiate with blissful melodies and summer-infused rhythms. Howard’s poignant vocal phrases add a bittersweet dimension, exploring themes of love and vulnerability. The album also incorporates intimate field recordings and interludes, capturing moments of everyday life and giving the album an impressionistic and diaristic quality.

The album’s creation involved a collaborative process between the brothers. Howard initially wrote sketches while in Los Angeles, with assistance from friends and collaborators Max Margolis and DonnyBravo. Guy then added his own touches after spending weeks absorbing the demos. The process was reciprocal, with Guy also writing sketches and Howard working on them. The final stage involved the brothers coming together in London to complete the record.

The approach to creating “Alchemy” harkens back to Disclosure’s debut album, “Settle,” with a focus on starting tracks as strongly as possible. The album artwork reflects their past while also representing their present selves. The cover features a tapestry, designed and crafted by textile artist Llinos Owen, depicting Guy and Howard on Lexington Avenue in Los Angeles during the album’s making. This marks the first time since “Settle” that the brothers have appeared on an album cover.

Since their debut single, “Offline Dexterity,” in 2010, Disclosure has enjoyed significant success in the music industry. Their previous albums, including “Settle,” “Caracal,” and “Energy,” have garnered over 11 billion streams and sold over seven million albums. The duo has collaborated with renowned artists such as Sam Smith, Lorde, and The Weeknd, and has performed at major global venues and festivals.

“Alchemy” will be released on July 14 via Disclosure’s own Apollo Records, in partnership with AWAL Recordings. The album promises to be a compelling and introspective addition to Disclosure’s discography, showcasing their growth and artistic evolution.


1. Looking For Love

2. Simply Won’t Do

3. Higher Than Ever Before 

4. A Little Bit

5. Go The Distance

6. Someday…

7. We Were In Love

8. Sun Showers

9. Purify

10. Brown Eyes

11. Talk On The Phone

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