It’s inspiring to see Metallica’s All Within My Hands (AWMH) foundation continue to expand its Metallica Scholars Initiative (MSI). The band’s commitment to enhancing career and technical education at local community colleges across the U.S is commendable. With an additional $1.85 million funding into the program this year, it’s evident they are dedicated to making a lasting impact on the workforce.

The MSI’s expansion to 11 new colleges, making a total of 42 colleges in 33 states, and diversifying into various fields of study will undoubtedly provide more opportunities for students seeking meaningful and well-paying careers. It’s heartening to know that the initiative has already supported over 5,000 Metallica Scholars in workforce education.

The addition of new schools and the continuous involvement of the 31 original institutions promises a great support network for the new participants. It’s clear that this initiative is about more than just providing funds – it’s also about fostering a community that supports and guides students to success.

It’s impressive to see Metallica and AWMH foundation’s philanthropic efforts in investing in communities through workforce education, fighting hunger, and providing other critical local services. Their dedication to making sure 100% of donations go directly to organizations is a significant commitment to helping the communities that have supported them throughout their careers.

This initiative aligns with the mission of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), which works to provide educational and economic opportunities to diverse students. By collaborating with AACC, Metallica is leveraging the resources of an organization deeply committed to access and success for all students.

Overall, the Metallica Scholars Initiative serves as an excellent example of how artists and their foundations can significantly contribute to society. This is an initiative that goes beyond the music, providing education and career opportunities to communities across the nation. It will be exciting to follow the progress of this initiative and see the difference it makes in the lives of future Metallica Scholars.

The new schools will each receive $100,000 to enhance the student experience as they receive career training for economic development. The 11 schools joining MSI this year are:

The newly added schools are joining the veteran 31 schools invited to continue. Each year the returning colleges play an integral part in helping guide the success of the new schools. 

The returning schools are: