CHIKA’s debut album, “SAMSON: The Album”. It’s clear that CHIKA has put together an album that is both ambitious and deeply personal, drawing on her own experiences and feelings, as well as engaging with a range of musical styles and traditions.

This album seems to reflect her uncompromising approach to her music, as well as her ability to connect with a broad audience. The collaborations with artists such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Freddie Gibbs, Snoop Dogg, Wale, and Stevie Wonder add further depth and texture to the album, and speak volumes about CHIKA’s standing and recognition in the music industry.

It’s great to see an artist like CHIKA, who has already achieved critical acclaim and recognition with her previous EPs, continue to push boundaries with her debut album. It sounds like “SAMSON: The Album” not only explores new territory for her musically but also continues her tradition of candidly speaking her truth. It will be exciting to see the response from her fans and critics alike.

Based on her previous successes, such as the Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, and the high anticipation for this album, it’s clear that CHIKA is an artist to watch in the future. The term she uses to describe her sound – “violently me” – suggests that she is committed to making music that is intensely personal and unique, a quality that sets her apart in the music industry. CHIKA’s ability to connect with listeners through her raw, unfiltered lyrics and unique sound promises to make “SAMSON: The Album” a significant contribution to her musical career and to the broader music scene.


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