“Everybody Hates Mitch” by rapper Mitchy Slick and producer Sir Veterano draws on influences from the 80’s West Coast cocaine rap era and includes a diverse range of guest appearances, including E-40, Jay Worthy, and others.

Mitchy Slick is a member of the rap group Strong Arm Steady, along with fellow rappers Phil Da Agony and Krondon. The group formed in California and has been influential in the West Coast hip-hop scene. They’ve worked with various prominent producers and have released several albums and mixtapes, showcasing their lyrical prowess and unique sound.

Sir Veterano is associated with Fresh Yard Records, where he holds a significant position as a premier producer. The information you provided also mentions that Vet’s music manager, Walt Liquor, and Kwa Nguyen, who is also the owner of Fresh Yard Clothing, are part of the leadership within this structure.

The mention of “sweaterfunk” may indicate a particular stylistic direction or genre fusion in the music.

For fans of West Coast rap, this collaboration could be an exciting event, bridging various generations and aspects of the California rap scene. The fact that the album is available for purchase in both CD and digital formats might appeal to those who still value physical media as well as those who prefer digital streaming.

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