Las Vegas-based Filipino-American musician, Ez Mil, has taken the rap world by storm with his undeniable talent and unparalleled versatility. Today, he unveils the much-anticipated deluxe edition of his second album, DU4LI7Y: REDUX. This release comes on the heels of his signing to the powerhouse labels Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records, joining forces with rap legends Eminem and Dr. Dre.

DU4LI7Y: REDUX showcases the remarkable skills of Ez Mil, who not only raps and sings but also produces and engineers his music. The expanded album features four new tracks, including the highly praised Eminem collaboration “Realest.” Also included are fan favorites from Ez Mil’s previous catalog, hand-picked by Eminem himself.

In a recent interview, Ez Mil emphasized the importance of vulnerability in his music, describing his creative process as “just putting my thoughts out there and wearing my heart on my sleeve. It’s my journal. My music is my story.” His sincere approach is evident in his lyrics, where he shares personal experiences and draws from his Filipino roots.

One of the new tracks, “Podium,” explores the responsibility and challenges that come with fame and influence. Reflecting on the song, Ez Mil said, “It sheds light on how rappers or writers sometimes feel like politicians with the truth behind what they say and the fear they feel of what might happen as someone in a position of influence.”

The signing of Ez Mil to Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records is a momentous event, highlighting his undeniable talent and immense potential. Upon hearing Ez Mil’s music, Eminem immediately recognized his unique style and decided to work with him. In a statement, Eminem said, “I heard Ez’s music and was like, ‘this is really special,’ so I took it to Dre. We both agreed it would be a great fit, and we wanted to work with him right on the spot.”

Dr. Dre, a legendary producer and hip-hop icon, also expressed his excitement about working with Ez Mil. “I’m really only interested in working on shit that sounds different from anything else going on out there, and only then if I feel I can really bring something to it. Em played me Ez, and I had that feeling… that thing that happens when we both know we’ve found something special. And that was it… let’s get to work.”

Ez Mil’s impact goes beyond his music. As a Filipino-American artist, he proudly represents his heritage and has become a cultural ambassador. On August 2, he had the honor of throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Filipino Heritage Night, further solidifying his position as a rising star and influential figure.

DU4LI7Y: REDUX is a testament to Ez Mil’s growth as an artist, showcasing his ability to expertly switch between languages, adapt different flows, and craft impeccable beats. The album’s diverse tracklist paints a vivid picture of his life in the Philippines, showcasing his genre-blurring talent and revealing a mature, refined musician.

With a growing fan base, an impressive online presence, and a promising future under the mentorship of industry giants Eminem and Dr. Dre, Ez Mil is undoubtedly a rising star in the rap game. Fans can now enjoy the deluxe edition of DU4LI7Y: REDUX on all major streaming platforms and keep up with Ez Mil’s journey on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as he embarks on a new chapter with Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records.

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