The Chemical Brothers, one of the most groundbreaking electronic acts of the past few decades, are set to release their highly anticipated 10th studio album, For That Beautiful Feeling, next month the upcoming album has already piqued the interest of fans worldwide with its electrifying singles like “The Darkness That You Fear,” “No Reason,” and “Live Again.” The latest offering from this collection is “Skipping Like A Stone,” a mesmerizing collaboration with Beck, marking their second joint venture since the hit “Wide Open” in 2015.

The track is further enhanced with a video that’s sure to be as captivating as the song itself. This visual treat is helmed by New York-based directors Pensacola and features the unparalleled skills of the world’s greatest stone skipper, Kurt Steiner.

Beck’s reflection on his collaboration with The Chemical Brothers is heartening. His words encapsulate the spirit of the duo, who seamlessly merge various eras of electronic music and DJ culture. “The Chemical Brothers have a great predilection for exploration. They kind of sit in an unusual place between different eras of electronic music and DJ culture,” he writes. It’s an insight that aptly describes the group’s unmatched ability to simultaneously look backward and forward, creating a sonic bridge across time.

Another exciting venture on the horizon for the Chemical Brothers is the release of their retrospective book, Paused in Cosmic Reflection, scheduled for publication by White Rabbit on October 26. The book promises to be a deep dive into their illustrious career, peppered with interviews from the band members themselves and many of their friends and collaborators. Names like Noel Gallagher, Aurora, Wayne Coyne, Beth Orton, Michel Gondry, and more are expected to feature, giving fans a panoramic view of the duo’s journey in the music world.

This collaboration with Beck and the impending release of both their album and retrospective book underscores The Chemical Brothers’ unmatched legacy in the realm of electronic music. They have not only created timeless tracks but have also influenced a generation of artists and listeners alike. Their capacity to explore, innovate, and blend different musical eras, as Beck pointed out, cements their place as one of the most pivotal acts in the electronic genre.

As For That Beautiful Feeling is set to drop on September 8 via EMI, fans can undoubtedly expect another collection of tracks that push boundaries, invoke nostalgia, and pave the way for the future of electronic music. The Chemical Brothers, it seems, are nowhere near done creating those beautiful feelings for us all.