(Our highlight from this week — Bonobo.)

Not gonna lie, we first discovered the Vinyl Me, Please service on a fluke.  Word got out that a new version of J Dilla’s Donuts was dropping on their service no less, so we had to peep game.
What started as a single month buy in years ago on a whim has grown into a long term fascination and aural conversation with the vinyl programmers that run the service.  Having been invited to a few of their events, we were taken aback by the grassroots nature and one-to-one approach that they have with their client base.  (Anyone that genuinely has a love for music in general is ace in our books.)
Despite their foray and stay as online purveyors and torch bearers for vinyl and music discovery they have expanded, for some time now, into the digital cool hunting business with their ‘On Rotation’ program on Spotify.
So far so good, from our estimations.  They definitely have a button on past and present in their selections on both the analog and digital front.  More over, they have had a knack in being able to curate releases across multiple genres jumping from exclusive drops from Young Thug (‘Jeffery’) to Låpsley (‘Long Way Home’) while maintaining credibility amongst established vinyl heads with the recently formulated Selector Series.
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<Editor’s note: Yes, we have covered them in the past.  Yes, they are a subscription service.  No, they are not sponsoring this post.>