Unscene Fest is a festival curated by Los Angeles, CA bandmate Kenny Becker of GOON and Unscene’s Jake Whitener.This will be their third year hosting this event.The Festival will be at The Hi Hat on 5043 York Blvd LA,CA 90042

A statement from the festival:
Unscene Fest is an attempt to both cultivate and spotlight a new type of music and art scene within Los Angeles. A scene that not only supports great music and art but openly welcomes experimentation, intellectualism and activism.
In recent years, the DIY music and art community in Los Angeles has coalesced and flourished into a uniquely identifiable scene with global reach. Yet, as with many scenes, it has also organized itself according to a hierarchy of cool that excludes talented people who don’t necessarily fit the community’s aesthetic, leaving bands and artists without similar associations and musical touchstones out in the cold when it comes to playing shows and having their art promoted through the usual channels.
With that in mind, we’ve consciously decided to reach out to musicians and artists outside of the typical “scene” in hopes to shine a light on the world on the fringe and open the door to a more inclusive underground music community.
For more info go to events page on facebook HERE